Heavy Duty RDCL lifting straps


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  • Level 2 strength material
  • RADICAL padded lifting straps will support your wrist, strengthen your grip, reduce stress on your forearms and perform more reps. Ideal for deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, weighted chin-ups and various other strength training workouts.
  • RADICAL Neoprene padded weightlifting wrist support straps are manufactured from industrial quality thick cotton webbing for durability and heavy duty stitching to ensure they won’t tear apart.
  • “BE RADICAL” logo is Rubber embossed on one side for extra grip
  • 1.5 Inches Wide and 22 Inches long, extended length will allow you to easily wrap around any bar or dumbbell.
  • Sold as a pair, a Cheap and effective training aid. Ideal for powerlifting, and bodybuilding. Must have gym accessory to help reduce muscle strain and grip fatigue.


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